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Introducing Action Industrial Supplies

Introducing Action Industrial Supplies

After working for over twelve years in the Industrial Supplies industry, and seeing the amount of daily frustrations encountered by customers waiting on their supply chain, David knew he could provide better.

With experience gained from roles in storeroom, warehouse, front counter, desk sales, sales representative, David has invaluable knowledge of where a process works well and where it falls down.

Action Industrial Supplies today

In starting up Action Industrial Supplies thirteen years ago, David has worked tirelessly to have the structure, reliable supply chain, quality products and back office suitable to support all of our customer needs.

The majority of our customer base is across all of wider Melbourne, and we also service some interstate customers from time to time. From manufacturing and infrastructure, through to the food industry, we cover all range of customers with their day to day essentials, as well as their once off needs.

No two days are the same at Action Industrial Supplies. A day may start at a Plant assisting with breakdown emergency assistance, followed by some calls with Suppliers following up product delivery dates, some visits across Melbourne to many of our valuable Customers, then assisting a customer in fitting out their store room to serve over a thousand staff members for their weekly consumables. Some safety research on a new product on the market which may help a customer of ours to keep their workplace safe, followed by a coffee and afternoon tea with a customer who we’ve been helping to source a unique product that they haven’t yet been able to get their hands on. And the next day, something completely different will follow!

What sets Action Industrial Supplies apart from the rest

When a Customer runs up against a brick wall trying to find an item, that is apparently out of stock, or not even in the country, we use our multitude of contacts & suppliers, industry and product knowledge to come up with the goods. Countless times we have done the “unthinkable” and sourced a product which has saved a production line from stagnating, or a factory from being shut down for safety concerns. This is what makes our pulses race, what makes us love serving our customers and seeing outcomes that benefit all.

Our Customers are the reason we love what we do

We genuinely love what we do at Action Industrial Supplies. We are loyal to our Customers and go to great lengths to find what it is they need to keep their business running effectively. The professional and friendly relationships we have with our trusted Suppliers mean that we can work together to get nothing but the best outcomes for our Customers.

If you’re wondering how Action Industrial Supplies can support your business with any safety equipment, clothing, tooling, blades, markers, storage, strapping needs, or anything else for that matter, take a look at our website, or subscribe by clicking HERE

We take what we do seriously.

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